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Join us Thursday evenings at 6 pm, in person or online for Bible Only Bible Study. Everyone is welcome, no question is off limits. This Bible study is just that: no outside books, texts, commentaries - just Bible, using scripture to interpret scripture. This is interactive for those who want to voluntarily participate or you can simply observe and listen.

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Crisis in Perspective Only

It happens every day—there is a situation that for one person is a crisis but for someone else, it’s par for the course. What makes the difference?  It’s all about what one knows. If you know the situation is momentary, easily fixed or only an illusion, it’s not a crisis. 

I was flying with a pilot in a small, single engine, two-seat airplane.  The pilot pulled back on the yoke and directed the plane straight up until the engine died, at which point the nose of the plane did an immediate 180 degree turn to aim straight down toward the earth’s surface at alarming speed.  If I had not known ahead of time that this was intentional and easily corrected, it definitely would have felt like a crisis.  Read More