"What would our prayers look like if we honestly believed the outcome of a critical situation depended on them? What if we prayed like it really made a significant difference? Would our prayers be different, even effectual and fervent, if we thought it would prevent someone we knew from spending eternity in hell? " June 2018

"Feelings are fickle and subject to change without notice, God’s Word is unchangeable truth. Emotional, fearful prayers may affect people, but it is faith in the Word of God that moves mountains."  February 2017
"Few of us believe that we have idols or practice idolatry, yet every time we accept and speak words that contradict God’s Words, we are putting someone or something above God, accepting some authority as more truthful and having more power over us than what God has decreed for us.  We are essentially calling God a liar, declaring that His Word is not true for us." December 2016