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PrayMichiana supports churches, evangelists, pastors and prayer warriors actively engaged in sharing Biblical truths.  Answered Prayers LLC does that also by making matching fund gifts to churches for programs and projects that meet certain criteria and are deemed merit worthy.  Churches interested in applying for matching fund gifts can download the application here.


Answered Prayers LLC has discretion of all gifts. Not all applications will receive gifts but all will be acknowledged. Additional information may be requested.


Answered Prayers LLC provides resources like incentives for children's programs such as AWANA; study guides for support groups such as men's ministry, youth ministry or addiction recovery; small study group materials on the work of the Holy Spirit or healing; videos for youth, adult or family groups.

Inspirational biographies of young men
Inspirational stories of young women
Christian martyrs
Scripture CD
Adventures in Odyssey
Steve Green Scripture CD
Christ the Healer book
The Purity Driven Life book
The Conqueror program for men
Paul the Apostle
Travel the Road season 1-2
Apologists 1-4 evolution vs creation2
Apologists 1-4 evolution vs creation2a
Apologists 5-6 homosexual and earth age
Apologists 1-4 evolution vs creation2
Apologists 1-4 evolution vs creation2
Apologists 5-6 homosexual and earth age










​men's group recovery resources

​reality shows

Inn of the Sixth Happiness movie
The Hiding Place movie
A Cry From Iran
Beyond the Next Mountain
Sheffy movie
Case for Christ movie
The Arcade

The ARCADE is open!

9 arcade game room
8 arcade game room
3 arcade game room
5 arcade game room
4 arcade game room
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