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January Resolutions, February Failures

If January is a time for new beginnings, starting over, developing better habits or kicking bad ones, February is the time of defeat. The most common goals are the same every year: deal with losing weight (eat healthier, exercise more), finances (spend less, save more, get a better paying job), get organized, quit smoking, travel and hobbies. Only 1 in 10 will stick with the goal longer than a month and only 8% will see measurable success in reaching their goal. By mid-month, most January 1 resolutions are wavering, many have already been discarded. By February, the zeal for most is gone. Very few people will know the satisfaction of resolution success. Thus, the majority of us will need to repeat the same goals the next January that we failed at achieving this year. There is one goal that most people overlook that impacts virtually all the other goals: improving the health of the inner human--the soul (mind, will and emotions) and the spirit (life-force, conscience or inner moral compass). The power of the mind/spirit combination is so astounding, even secular and
scientific researchers agree that the inner human’s ability far outweighs the outer part that merits so much of our efforts and attention. Incredible physical feats of mental prowess have been documented. People who have practiced intense mental focus have been documented to alter their internal organs, blood flow, biological responses and internal temperatures. Hypnotists tap into a subject’s subconscious mind to alter perceptions, behavior and physical responses. Through the power of their minds, practitioners of eastern religions are able to withstand conditions or events that would severely harm most folks. Feats of incredible memory and mathematical power are plentiful in the Guinness Book of Records. It is commonly believed that the average person uses little more that 10% of potential brain power. Spiritual focus can produce even more impressive results and it isn't as uncommon. Take physical healing for example. Christians and non-believers alike claim physical healings through spiritual focus. Healings from simple, complex and terminal diseases, people coming back to life after dying, and miraculously escaping unavoidable accidents are just a few of the more common reports. Just one Christian leader of the 20th century is credited by main stream newspapers with over two million healings! Yet so many Christians disregard spiritual events of the type displayed throughout the Bible as not possible or very rare. We will research health insurance plans that cover every issue anticipated or read self-help books with more fervor than we seek spiritual connection with the Healer. The Bible speaks about the power of the inner man often; in Genesis 11, God said “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” Jesus reiterates this in Matthew 17: "Nothing will be impossible for you." He didn’t say if they work out, eat right or study a lot they could do some things; He said if they were unified in their spoken communication. Up until that time they all spoke the same language. No ambiguous meanings, questionable translations, urban slang dual meanings. They spoke a concise, exact language given to mankind by the Creator. They understood the significance of their words, of names and what someone was 'called'. Words could be blessings or curses, and both speakers and hearers understood the weight, authority and power of the spoken words. The language and words were defined, unified and powerful. Unity in communication can occur among just people or with people and God (which is called ‘faith’); it requires unity in thought, values, and beliefs. This principle is repeated over one hundred times throughout the Old and New Testaments; Paul implored the Corinthians to unify their thoughts and speech. The results of unity with God are displayed clearly in Acts 2 when 120 believers were unified in prayer—the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit came. This was duplicated at the Azusa Street revival in 1906 when the Los Angeles fire department was repeatedly summoned by people who saw flames, although there was no fire. Unity and communication together are powerful, not just individual New Year resolutions but anything the Christian church might want to achieve. Unity like this has predicated every spiritual revival in history. If you are struggling with some of your goals, consider powering up your inner man by unifying the overflow of your heart (speech) with God’s language. Better yet, join other Christians filling their heart with God’s word to accomplish the same goal. God’s Word says things like be imitators of a God who calls into being what does not yet exist; He says you have the power to overcome all the power of the enemy, that you are more than a conqueror, and you can do all things. The Word of God is powerful, and when our thoughts produce words that are ‘speaking the same language’ as God, we are in the position where nothing we plan to do will be impossible. Fill up on the language of God, let your mind be renewed and those goals will get more and more manageable; you will never have to do the same New Year resolution over again.
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