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Answered Prayer to Car Troubles

Yesterday we took our car to the dealership to have its normal service and since they had told us the last time they were going to flush the transmission when we brought it in again, we called a head to see if we'd need an appointment and were told to bring it right in. We have had no problems with this car at all.

After the service was done we decided to drive to the Mall but a few blocks up the transmission slipped but corrected immediately. Another distance and it did the same thing, then the transmission slipped two more times and it was much more pronounced. We decided to call the dealership and see if this was normal. They asked if we could take the car back and let them check it, so we started back and right after the first stop light the car would hardly move, so we pulled into the nearest space and called the dealership again. They said they would send a tow truck, but called right back saying the tow truck wouldn't be there for over an hour, so they would send a driver. It was almost closing time so I asked if they'd take us home since we had another car at home.

This morning we got up, went to church in the SUV, then drove out to look where we'd left our car the night before to make sure they had finally picked it up, then stopped a few blocks up the street to get lunch. When we came out we started the car, put it in reverse, and went nowhere. I checked to see if I had it in gear and tried to back up again. It didn't budge, so I tried it in forward with the same results ... we sat in another parking lot the rest of the afternoon waiting for the tow truck.

Back to the car at the dealership, they called and said they are not responsible for the transmission.

Well .... We have been having such a day .... I was so ticked yelling at that [repair] tech. I said it worked when we took it in and it is going to work when I take it out. They said there is no way we are giving you a transmission.

I said “Then I'm getting a lawyer.”

They tried to say I knew the transmission had problems because I had asked for a transmission flush. I told him last time said they were doing it this time.

He said, “We checked our work and it was all done right.”

I said, “I have no proof of that.”

He said, “Your car is all done and you can come and get it. You don't even need to pay for the diagnosis on it.”

I said, “I'm not getting it unless it's running.”

He said, “Oh it runs.”

I said, “Not if it's not moving. Can I speak with your supervisor?”

“Yes, he said, “but he's on the phone and you've been on hold a long time now so let me have him call you back. It'll be within the next 5 minutes.” I said ok. We waited and waited. Nothing. [We were] praying so hard. I'll admit, my prayer wasn't very pious "I said, God what in hell are we going to do.... I'm so tired of being taken advantage of by mechanics ..... God will you please be my lawyer? Please make these people take the responsibility for this. We need your help!”

Over an hour later, the man called back to say that [the dealership] had decided to take my side in this and they were going to give me a transmission. As soon as they get [one] he will call me with the details.

I am praising God so much!!!!

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